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  • Thoracostraca — Tho ra*cos tra*ca, n. pl. [NL. See {Thorax}, and {Ostracoid}, a.] (Zo[ o]l.) An extensive division of Crustacea, having a dorsal shield or carapec? ??niting all, or nearly all, of the thoracic somites to the head. It includes the crabs, lobsters …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Artes marciales de América del Sur — Saltar a navegación, búsqueda Contenido 1 Introducción 2 Artes marciales por país. 2.1 Argentina 2.2 Bol …   Wikipedia Español

  • French knitting — /frɛntʃ ˈnɪtɪŋ/ (say french niting) noun a type of knitting done on a knitting Nancy. Also, Chiefly SA, tomboy stitch …  

  • knitting — /ˈnɪtɪŋ/ (say niting) noun 1. the act of a person or thing that knits. 2. the act of forming a fabric by looping a continuous yarn. 3. knitted work …  

  • knitting machine — /ˈnɪtɪŋ məʃin/ (say niting muhsheen) noun a machine which produces knitted goods …  

  • knitting Nancy — /nɪtɪŋ ˈnænsi/ (say niting nansee) noun a device consisting of four short nails in the top of a wooden cotton reel for a type of knitting in which wool is progressively looped around the nails to produce a knitted cord which emerges from the hole …  

  • knitting needle — /ˈnɪtɪŋ nidl/ (say niting needl) noun a straight, slender rod of steel, plastic, etc., with one or both ends tapered, used in knitting …  

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